Aina Carrillo – St. Luc, Liège, Bèlgica

Doing an Erasmus was the best decision I made. Of all the options, I chose Liège, I don’t know why, but all I can say is thanks.

About the university, the educational system is a bit different, 3 years of degree and 2 of master, so even if I was in my 4th grade in Barcelona, I did the 3th and last year of career there.

Saint Luc is a school of arts and design. You can find good workshops of serigraphy, photography, ceramics, etc. to work in with a lot of material, which you pay at the beginning and at the end you get back a part of it.

In my case, I was studying graphic design, and the most part of the subjects I took were practical. They work with a “different mentality”, there I learned to experiment more and be more creative. In this kind of subjects, they used to give a briefing, and then we started to work on it and show the progress in every class. The communication between teachers and students was really nice, and my classmates were kind and helpful.

If you don’t know much about the language, don’t worry. My level of French wasn’t really good, but I learned really fast, I had no choice. I’m happy because I improved a lot my french.

Liège is a small city compared with Barcelona, so you can go everywhere on foot. It’s a city full of culture and young spirit, I could say that the 70% of the population are students. It has a lot of lovely places where you can enjoy with your friends and also there are a lot of events and things to do.

In Liège it is always a good moment to party, and the best part of it, is that you find amazing people there. The youth in Liège is really nice, and you can find people from any part of the world. You can eat what you want, but in Liège what I ate the most were fries and waffles.

I went there the first semester, so the weather at the beginning was good, but then it turned into a grey and cold month of December. Maybe that’s the only part I didn’t like at all. Being in a city in Belgium is an advantage for travelling. Belgium is well located and you can find cheap flights to different cities.

In conclusion, I could be talking about my experience for ages, but all I will say is that I met a lot of amazing people and different ways to do things. I grew as an independent person and I learned to live with other people. I wish I could stay there with them anytime, and repeat it again and again.