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On December 14th, the 3rd year students of the Pau Gargallo Campus – within the framework of the subject History of Graphic Design and after working in class on avant-garde Catalan graphics through original and facsimile magazines of the They visited the MNAC Art and Civil War exhibition, where they were able to get in touch with a selection of posters and engravings from this period.

Then, in the same way as in class, they reflected on the legacy of avant-garde Catalan magazines in contemporary publishing design, recovering the graphic work of our dear colleague Jordi Cuyàs through the magazine CAPSA, they visited the Documentation Center of the Design Museum where they were able to get to know the collections of three other important graphic designers: Toni Miserachs, Yves Zimmermann and America Sanchez. The students were able to have at their disposal the graphic production of these three major references, from the process of their projects to the final product of the commissions, a privilege that we thank the team of the Documentation Center of the Museum of Design for make it possible.

Finally, we visited the Banksy exhibition. The Art of Protest where they were able to delve, both directly and immersively, into the trajectory of this enigmatic urban artist; a provocative and critical work that never leaves the viewer indifferent and that generates an interesting debate and reflection among our students.